Quick Facts

David, 16 (they), student from Germany. Aspiring developer, minor language geek, D&D DM, semigay™ and a narrow-minded liberal doomed to ineffectiveness.

Current Projects

My current main project is Bampersand, a utility bot for Discord. Also, I contributed quite a bit to Tildey, a different Discord bot. The Unofficial Tildes Wiki (UTW) has information about tildes.net, a nonprofit community site (I only built the former, sadly)
Getting more inane, the world’s first cryptographically secure link shortener, a “shortener” because there are URLs that are longer than their SHA-3 hash. You can find even more stuff on my Gitea instance or GitLab/Hub.

About me

I’m agnostic and a secular Humanist. Interests of mine include D&D, creative writing, Linux, stage equipment, Person of Interest, Stargate, instrumental remixes of music that’s older than me, weird socks, guys, gals and everyone in between.
You can reach me via email, Mastodon, one of the accounts listed at Keybase, or Discord (deing#7141). From Keybase, you can easily send me encrypted messages as well, if you feel like that’s necessary.


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